Using SEO Tools to Master the Art of Website Optimization

Nowadays, no one on this planet can or should avoid using SEO to their advantage. If one wants to have a business that will continuously grow over the years and stay visible in the online world, developing a detailed SEO strategy is a must.

However, implementing such a strategy could take a while. More often than not, getting a website perfectly optimized requires you to tweak it frequently in order to adjust to the ever-changing algorithms.

Luckily, SEO Tools are exactly the things that will make your life a bit easier.

Does anyone really need to use SEO tools?

In all fairness, some SEO experts would argue that using SEO tools is a bit like cheating. They feel that everything can be done manually if someone wants to put in the effort.

Still, if humans were all for manual labor and none for the computers, then we wouldn’t have SEO in the first place. So why not make our lives less hectic?

One of the main problems about SEO is that it has to be precise. If one makes a mistake somewhere, that could affect the overall result in the end. The website’s ranking could suffer, and it could easily end up on the lowest spots in the SERPs.

Besides, having a computer program do all the dirty work for us is not to be taken lightly. Programmers have worked hard on making these programs, if not smarter, then at least as smart as humans. Thus, we can cut our workload in half but still get the desired results.

The easy way to determine which tools you need

Once you start browsing through the website, you will see that there are many types of SEO Tools. Some of them deal with content, some with the technical aspects of SEO. Meanwhile, there are those that exist only to check the keywords, which are an important part of any SEO strategy.

If you want to use SEO Tools for your business, you first need to know which types there are. Usually, we can categorize these tools according to the parts of the websites they affect and their main purpose. The basic categories are:

Keyword analysis

In order to rank your website effectively and make it more visible in the SERPs, you will have to analyze your keywords as often as possible.

In essence, the keywords you decide to use are the ones that will actually have a great influence on your website’s ranking, your overall popularity, and the website traffic. However, you have to know that it’s not about just adding as many keywords as you can.

Indeed, going all out with the keywords could have an adverse effect on the rankings. Thus, to avoid any mishaps, you ought to use these useful tools that are specially designed for keywords.


In order to use the keywords, you need to have the appropriate content. However, this content has to be exceptional. It needs to be mistake-free, full of interesting facts and phrases, as well as engaging and SEO-friendly.

Knowing how to manually create such content is an incredible skill. Yet not many can hone such a skill, especially if their whole business depends on SEO. Hence, most people tend to rely on tools that deal with content in particular, and they get the right results every single time.

Link building and link removal

Although some people say that using link building strategies is no longer desirable, links are still essential to anyone who wants to rank their website well.

Still, having only high-quality links on your webpage will prove to be a bit tricky. Moreover, leaving bad links on it will affect your ranking and possibly even end with a penalty.

Thus, using SEO tools that remove bad links and analyze whether the ones you now have on your website are good enough is of the utmost importance. Otherwise, no matter what you do to your website, something will keep you from reaching your goals.

Technical tools

These tools are the ones that will help you with all the technical aspects of your website. In order to rank a website well, you have to focus on its maintenance. However, doing so by hand is not an easy task. At the very least, it would take ages, and even then, you wouldn’t know for sure if you had caught all the mistakes.

These tools will essentially check the whole website and tell you whether you have some duplicate pages, if some titles are missing, etc. Moreover, they will tell you if the speed of your website is too low and if the content length is not SEO-friendly.

No matter how you look at it, optimizing your website is crucial if you want to earn a decent revenue from it and grow your business. But getting an edge over your competitors will not be easy. Luckily, proper SEO tools are just what you need to not only speed up the process but make your strategy that much more effective.

Other available tools

This website offers many other webmaster tools that would make your life as a developer much easier. There is What is my IP tool for instance which allows you to find out what IP address you have with many other details. Also, There is the Grammar Check tool which allows you to find grammatical errors and offers suggestions to correct them. Many content marketers also use the Plagiarism Checker goes alongside with the Grammar Check to ensure the uniqueness of your written content. You can slow find the Word Count tool which is pretty useful in counting the number of characters, words and paragraphs in a written text. The SSL Checker is also a great tool to check the SSL certificate and its validity of your website or any other website. You can also check if your web page is mobile-friendly using the Mobile Friendly Test. The Change Text Case is also a very useful tool that would allow you to change the case of your text from Caps to small and vise versa, in addition of capitalizing all the text or make the text all small case or capitalize the first letter from each word. Another free tool that webmasters use to avoid having your inbox filled with spam is the Email Privacy tool that would check if your email address has been exposed to the public and returns the search results in a simple way. You would then need to contact website owners to remove your email or you may need to change your email address to stop spammers. With the Twitter Card Generator, it is easier than ever to generate what is called Twitter MetaTags that are placed in the head of your website which eases the process of sharing your website on Twitter. These free seo tools are the most used among webmasters.