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GZIP compression is a way to reduce the size of your files. It helps reduce transfer times and increase server performance. GZIP stands for “GNU zip”, which is an open-source compression method that was designed to reduce the size of text files. There are many other types of compression, but GZIP is one of the most popular. GZIP works by replacing spaces and other non-alphanumeric characters with “filler” characters like zeros or dashes. This reduces the size of your files without significantly impacting their readability. GZIP compression is enabled by default in web browsers and some other programs, like FTP clients and email clients. If it’s not enabled, you can turn it on with a preference setting in your browser or software program. Enabling GZIP compression will result in smaller file sizes and faster downloads. However, if you receive huge files (over 4 MB), it could be challenging to compress them sufficiently with GZIP alone; you may need to combine GZIP with another compression method in order to be successful. You can check GZIP compression status by entering the URL and hitting enter.