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Whether you’re writing content or ordering it, you need to check for plagiarism, especially if you’re going to publish that content online or submit it to a university. However, it’s hard to test for plagiarism by simply googling paragraphs. That’s where a plagiarism software jumps in.

Thanks to the Internet, it has never been easier to find information. But, it has also never been easier to copy other people’s work. To avoid plagiarized content, you need a good plagiarism detector.

First of All – What Is Plagiarism?

When someone uses someone else’s work without properly crediting them, and trying to pass it as their own, that’s plagiarism. This intellectual property theft has become more and more frequent both online and offline. 

What Does a Plagiarism Checker Do and How Does It Work?

A plagiarism checker is an online tool that helps determine the percentage of the originality of written content. It compares the submitted text to everything online, as well as its own database of academic and other resources.

However, it doesn’t detect plagiarism per se. It finds sections of other people’s texts that are identical to the one you submitted. It analyzes submitted text word by word to find every match.

Once it’s done analyzing, the checker will mark every segment that matches something online or in its databases, and show to which percent content was plagiarized from each matching source. 

All you need to do is copy the text into a designated area, and click Check. This tool will deliver your results within seconds.

Do I Need a This Tool?

If you’re a writer, an academic student, a teacher, or even a school student, the answer is definitely yes. Even if you do your own research and try not to use other people’s words, a sentence or two might sneak their way into your text. In order to avoid this, you should use a plagiarism checker that will scan your text for any matches with previously existing content. As a college student, this is a must-use tool for your academic papers. A great free plagiarism checker for students.

On the other hand, if you’re the one ordering written content from writing services, you might need it even more. Many people try to pass off other people’s work as their own. Whether it is lazy writing, copy-pasting, or patchwriting, it’s still something you don’t want on your website. This great free tool is the best way for you to protect yourself from this type of fraud and turn in a good readable research paper. 

Reasons To Check For Plagiarism

Most people will ask “So what if the content is plagiarized?” and wonder if all the fuss about original content is justified. Here are three reasons why you should use this tool.

Google penalizes duplicate content

If the identical content is found on several domains as well as on yours, Google will penalize you. It will remove your website from the search engine results. That will seriously hurt your SEO efforts. So, before publishing anything, check it and make sure it is has a high quality content to add value to the reader.

You can check if someone else is copying your content

Plagiarism is a two-way street. Just like you could copy someone else’s content, someone else can copy yours. One of the best ways to check if someone is stealing your content without crediting is to pull your old articles through a plagiarism checker every once in a while and see if any results pop up.

Use a plagiarism detector to test papers for missing citations

When you’re writing long pieces like a medical paper or a research analysis, it’s easy to forget to cite all the sources properly. So, before you turn your work in, run it through a plagiarism checker to see if there are any missing citations. Also, if you’re on the receiving side of these types of work, you can check for plagiarism in assignments.

Online Plagiarism Checker

What to Do When a Plagiarism Checker Reveals Plagiarized Work?

If you do run into plagiarized work, you should refer it to the authorities that have jurisdiction. For instance, in cases of plagiarized academic content, students can get expelled. In cases of plagiarized creative work, severe monetary penalties are in place.

Of course, if you ordered content and received plagiarized content, you should always contact the service or the writer you used. Writers are creatures of habit, so sometimes plagiarism can be unintentional. 

Either way, with a good plagiarism checker, you will always know if the text is original or not, and to what extent.

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