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Domain Age Checker: How to Check the Age of a Domain

It is important to understand how old a domain is. Registering a domain that is too new can lead to Google penalties. A new domain will likely show up on web spiders more often than an older, more established domain. Also, if you are trying to sell your site it will be harder for potential buyers to assess the value of your site if it has only been registered recently. To make sure you are not registering a domain that is too new, check its age with our handy tool above!

What is Domain Age?

Domain Age is the age of a domain. A domain name with a lower age will show up more often than a domain name with older age.

Why is domain age important?

The age of your domain name is very important. It determines how Google perceives your site and what it will rank for in the search engine results page. If you want to get the most out of your business, keep your domain up to date and make sure you are not registering it too old.

If a website has been registered for less than two years, it's considered to be "new." The average age of a new domain on the Internet is approximately four years, according to Search Engine Land . The following are some considerations that can help determine if a domain is too new:

  • It may have the same or similar content as an older site
  • You may have an existing site with similar information on it that was previously owned by another company
  • You may not have updated your site in recent months
  • You may have content that will be outdated soon (e.g., an old blog post)

How to check the age of a domain

We use a tool that helps us check the age of a domain, so you don't have to! Just enter the domain above and click Get Domain Age.