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10 minutes ago 77929 flag Canada Elite 408ms
10 minutes ago 9987 flag Canada Elite 619ms
10 minutes ago 98947 flag Brazil Elite 5812ms
10 minutes ago 287350 flag unknown Elite 2941ms
10 minutes ago 166183 flag Canada Elite 945ms
10 minutes ago 32898 flag Philippines Transparent 4014ms
10 minutes ago 38016 flag Austria Transparent 563ms
10 minutes ago 2457 flag Colombia Transparent 3962ms
10 minutes ago 2457 flag Venezuela Transparent 3769ms
10 minutes ago 103017 flag Canada Elite 1230ms
10 minutes ago 37008 flag Cyprus Elite 1082ms
11 minutes ago 2457 flag Puerto Rico Transparent 2269ms
11 minutes ago 278882 flag China Elite 1519ms
12 minutes ago 1091 flag South Korea Transparent 3473ms
12 minutes ago 128 flag United States of America Transparent 1398ms
12 minutes ago 128 flag France Elite 356ms
12 minutes ago 32897 flag Ukraine Elite 618ms
12 minutes ago 128 flag United States of America Elite 203ms
13 minutes ago 128 flag Netherlands Elite 3250ms
13 minutes ago 340609 flag United States of America Elite 3408ms
13 minutes ago 131 flag India Transparent 4805ms
13 minutes ago 36866 flag China Elite 1123ms
14 minutes ago 32896 flag Mauritius Transparent 3405ms
14 minutes ago 32896 flag Indonesia Transparent 3120ms
15 minutes ago 128 flag Argentina Transparent 3727ms
15 minutes ago 65536 flag Argentina Transparent 2216ms
15 minutes ago 35209 flag Turkey Elite 2631ms
15 minutes ago 128 flag Germany Elite 529ms
15 minutes ago 128 flag United Kingdom Elite 493ms
15 minutes ago 128 flag Germany Elite 798ms
15 minutes ago 34952 flag United Kingdom Elite 1005ms
15 minutes ago 349251 flag Myanmar Elite 3042ms
15 minutes ago 2457 flag Venezuela Transparent 4703ms
15 minutes ago 340609 flag Colombia Elite 2743ms
16 minutes ago 33059 flag France Elite 376ms

About Free Proxy List

In the vast expanse of the digital world, privacy and security have become paramount. Whether you're a business, a digital enthusiast, or someone just surfing the web, the need for anonymity has never been more crucial. Enter the realm of proxies - a haven for those seeking to browse the internet without leaving footprints. And if you're on the hunt for the best in the business, you've landed on the right page. Welcome to our Free Proxy List, a treasure trove of the best proxy servers, updated in real-time.

Understanding the Basics: What is a Proxy List?

A proxy list is a compilation of IP addresses and ports that act as intermediaries between your device and the websites you visit. By routing your traffic through these proxies, your original IP address remains hidden, ensuring online anonymity and security.

The history of proxy servers dates back to the early days of the internet. As the digital landscape evolved, so did the need for enhanced privacy. Innovators and tech enthusiasts began developing proxy servers to cater to this growing demand. Over the years, these servers have become sophisticated, offering various levels of anonymity and functionalities.

Example of a Free Proxy List:

- IP Address: | Port: xxxx | Country: US | Anonymity: High | Protocol: HTTPS

- IP Address: | Port: xxxx | Country: UK | Anonymity: Medium | Protocol: HTTP

Realtime Updated Live Proxies: The Need of the Hour

In a world where digital threats are omnipresent, relying on outdated proxies can be detrimental. Realtime updated live proxies ensure that you always have access to fresh and functional IP addresses. These proxies are checked and updated every few minutes, ensuring optimal performance and security.

It's essential to understand that not all proxies are created equal. The type of proxy, its location, and the level of anonymity it offers can greatly influence your online experience. Therefore, it's crucial to choose a proxy that aligns with your specific needs and requirements.

Unraveling the Story Behind Proxy Servers

The inception of proxy servers was driven by the need for faster internet access during the early days. Organizations used them to cache web pages, reducing bandwidth usage and speeding up access for users. Over time, as the internet became a more intricate web of information and as cyber threats loomed, proxies evolved to provide anonymity and security.

Today, proxies are an integral part of the digital ecosystem. They play a pivotal role in ensuring online privacy, bypassing geo-restrictions, and enhancing security. From businesses to individual users, the demand for reliable and efficient proxies continues to grow exponentially.


What is a proxy list?

A proxy list is a collection of IP addresses and ports that serve as intermediaries between users and the internet. They help in masking the user's original IP, ensuring online anonymity.

What is my proxy IP?

Your proxy IP is the IP address assigned to you when you connect to the internet through a proxy server. It masks your original IP, making your online activities anonymous.

How to use a proxy server list?

To use a proxy server list, select a proxy from the list, configure your browser or application settings to use the proxy's IP address and port, and you're good to go. Ensure you choose a proxy that aligns with your requirements, be it anonymity level, location, or protocol.

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While our Free Proxy List offers you the best in proxy servers, we also have a plethora of other tools to cater to your digital needs. For instance, if you're curious about your IP address, check out our My IP Address tool. It provides detailed information about your IP, ensuring you're always in the know.