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About Article Scraper

The Best Article Scraper to Get Unlimited Fresh Content for Your Blog

When you own a blog, the last thing you want is to run out of content. Yet, this happens to every blogger sooner or later. You can’t just keep repeating the same things over and over again unless you want to bore your readers to death. If you have been struggling with coming up with new blog posts for your blog, then you need to find some article scraping tools as fast as possible. As a blogger, it is important that you are always coming up with new ideas for blog posts and updates – even if it feels like there isn’t much inspiration in the world right now. Even though the internet is full of information and knowledge, it almost always comes in small chunks. There are websites that focus on specific topics and hammer them home again and again until all their articles are read by every single person who comes across them in search results or social media feeds.

What is Article Scraping?

Article scraping is basically the practice of taking content from one website, piece by piece and republishing it on another blog. In the past, content scrapers were used to steal content from websites and blogs and republish it on their own websites with only the name of the author, no link back and no citation. This is why so many websites and bloggers have been fighting back against article scraping and content theft for so long. Today, however, article scrapers are used as a way to find fresh new content to republish on your website. This can be an excellent way to keep your blog updated with fresh content on a regular basis so that readers never get bored.

What to Look for in an Article Scraper

All scrapers aren’t created equal, so you should make sure to choose the best one possible. Here are some things to look for in an article scraper: - Article Scrapers are usually browser plugins that you can use right from your browser. While there are some website scraping services, most of them are aimed at businesses that need a whole content management system for their sites. - Content scrapers work by sorting through a website and grabbing the content that you have specified. You can either have them grab the content from the article titles or the body of the text. However, if you choose to have them grab from the article titles, you will need to ensure that the titles are already written as if they were part of your own website or blog post. This is because the scraper will replace the article title with your own title and leave the original title in the byline section. This ensures that you correctly cite the original author’s work whenever you republish it on your blog. - Aside from article scrapers, there are also content curators that will take existing content from various sources and organize it into a single display. These tools are often used by people who are creating massive content libraries and don’t have time to curate the information themselves.


Having fresh and new content on your blog is incredibly important, especially if you want to attract readers and keep them coming back. Article scrapers are an excellent solution to this common problem. With a good article scraper, you can easily collect content from various sources and republish it on your own blog.