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Why Do I Need a Strong Password?

According to a recent study, around 80% of data breaches are related to weak passwords. Many internet users do not comprehend the importance of having a strong password. It prevents intruders from hijacking your accounts including bank accounts, online accounts, emails, and social media accounts.

The brute force attack is a way for attackers to submit many passwords with the hope of guessing your password correctly. Falling a victim to brute force will result in getting your personal information and credit cards exposed to the world. A dictionary attack is a type of brute force attack which is a technique used by hackers in an effort to try guessing thousands and sometimes millions of words picked up directly from the dictionary.

It is extremely important to use a password generator to help you create a strong password. A password is considered strong if it contains all of the following characters: capital and lowercase letter, numbers and special characters. A password should also be at least 12 characters long.

How to Avoid Being Hacked By Having a Strong Password?

To be safe from getting your accounts hacked, and also fulfill some account password requirements such as your email account, you need to carefully follow the below instructions:

Strong Password Generator

  • Use a password generator tool
  • Avoid repeating characters. An Example is AAAA1111
  • Avoid commonly used passwords such as password1, ABC123, etc.
  • Avoid simple or easily identifiable passwords. For instance, John1992
  • Always use a unique password for your accounts.
  • Master passwords, usually admin accounts, must use a unique password along with capital and small characters, numbers and special characters. Do not write it down as the risk of getting it exposed is pretty high. Also do not use password saving tools.
  • Examples of strong passwords include the following character set D7of3?zH1*66ps04:_g2bnt9z01861VM and 58cXAM2dg!9)134i
  • Always change your password.
  • Always use random numbers. Do not use your year of birth, your phone number or social security number.
  • Do not share your passwords with others
  • It is a good practice to secure passwords by writing them down and putting them in your wallet along with your money.
  • Only use well-known password management tools like Google Chrome or Samsung.
  • A security question is high risk so always use a strong password generator to put them as the answers.
  • An easy to remember password is the one that can be converted into words then phrases. For example, the password Ximbc887*$# can be converted to XBOX is my best console 887*$#

It is easier to generate random password using this tool. It is 100% free and will perfectly do the job. It will automatically generate a random password based on your requirements and desire.

Why Using This Random Password Generator?

This random password generator will help you generate strong four types of passwords, easy, moderate, tough and server. It is recommended that you always use tough passwords to make it harder for hackers to be able to hack your account. It is also recommended that you use at least 15 characters long passwords. The strong password generator is the tool you will need to easily generate passwords on the go.