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About Open Graph Checker

The Open Graph Checker is an online tool that can quickly scan websites for whether they have a basic level of compatibility with the Open Graph protocol. This is especially helpful when you are working on an existing website that needs to be updated to support Open Graph, as it can save a lot of time by letting you know whether or not your site will be compatible.

The Open Graph Checker allows you to see if your site is connected to one of two major social platforms: Facebook and Twitter. It works by checking to see if your site has been created with the appropriate data properties such as <meta> tags and <script> tags. It also checks to see if your site uses any of the three types of Open Graph tags: the basic <link> tag, the title attribute on <img> tags, or the <title> tag attached to <article> tags. If any of these are found on your site, they will appear in the results list.

Once you have typed the URL into the upper box and clicked “Start,” it will automatically check your site for compatibility. Generally, within minutes results will start appearing in the lower box, and you can read off all of the different ways that your site can fail or succeed based on how compatible it is with Twitter, Facebook, and also Google+.