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The Definitive Guide to Converting RGB to Hex

With the introduction of emoji and the explosion of digital art, we've come to rely on color more than ever. But what if your favorite app or platform doesn't have the colors you're looking for? You'll need to know how to convert RGB into hex. Here's a quick guide that will help you convert RGB to hex with ease.

What is RGB?

RGB stands for red, green, and blue. It's a color model for digital images that represent the intensity of each of these colors. RGB is also used in other contexts to specify color modes or define how a pixel is converted from its three-dimensional coordinates (x, y, and z) into a two-dimensional image on your screen.

For instance, an RGB value of "0xFF0000" would be the equivalent of pure red on your screen.

What is Hex?

Hex is a number system that allows you to represent colors.

Each color has its own hex code, so you can use the same code for different colors. For example, RGB (red, green, blue) is represented as C0B0C0.

You'll need to know how to convert RGB into hex and vice versa in order to find the right colors for your digital art.

Converting RGB to Hex

If you're looking for a specific color or shade that you can't find on your favorite app, it's likely because they don't have the hexadecimal code. Here's how to convert RGB into hexadecimal code.

First, start off by finding the red, green, and blue values of the color you want to convert. Then use this formula:

(#RRGGBB) * 6 + 00

This will give you the six digits of RGB values in hexadecimal format with 00 added at the end.

For example:

RGB: (34, 63, 15) * 6 + 00 = FF9900

Hex: FF9900

An easier was is just to use this RGB to Hex converter