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  • The CSV text must have a header row.
  • This utility does not currently check for escaped quotes inside of like quotes (e.g.: "foo, \"bar\" baz").

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About CSV to JSON

A CSV to JSON tool allows users to convert CSV data into JSON format, without losing its original schema. This can be very useful for data migration purposes. One of the most common use cases of a CSV to JSON tool is when users want to migrate data from a legacy system (e.g., Excel), or from an unstructured source (e.g., raw text files). The main advantage of using a CSV to JSON tool is that it preserves the original structure of the source data. Another benefit of a CSV to JSON tool is that it allows you to validate the integrity of your data before you begin importing it into your application. It also allows you to apply validation rules to your data as you import it, which helps prevent errors and other issues related to data integrity.