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About Link Tracker

A link is simply a reference to another webpage from your own webpage. Usually, these are accomplished by inserting an invisible “anchor” in the form of a phrase or image that other sites can recognize. When someone clicks on that phrase or image, it opens up the linked webpage automatically. With link trackers you can monitor which websites link to your website, blog or social media profiles and analyse their impact on your visibility, traffic and search engine rankings. This sets you up for a more strategic approach towards link building rather than relying on unplanned and random backlinks gained through guest blogging or article directories.

What is a link tracker?

A link tracker is a web analytics software used to track backlinks and traffic from other websites. It helps you to find websites that link to yours, analyze their traffic and understand their impact on your SEO. Tracking backlinks is crucial for SEO since it provides insight into how your content is performing. You’ll know which links are sending traffic, which domains are getting linked to, how many links each domain has, and where they’re placed on the webpage. This data is essential for understanding which links are helping you see an increase in search engine rankings and which are dragging you down. Backlinks are commonly used by search engines as a ranking factor and are influenced by the anchor text, linking domain, and the position of the link on the page. You can use a link tracker to see which links are helping your website rank higher and which are bringing you down. A link tracker can also be used to see which links are not being counted by the search engine and find a solution to fix it.

How do Link Trackers work?

To track links and their impact, a link tracker will look for the anchored text (the phrase or image used to link to another website). To do this, one of two things must happen:

  • The other website must have an API and you must enter their API key in your link tracker software. This is a one-time setup and is usually done for large websites like Wikipedia or BuzzFeed.
  • You must enter the URL of the webpage where the anchor text is located. This means that you will have to manually enter the URL of each webpage which you want to track links from.

If the page is on your own website, you will have to log in to your website and switch the settings back to “track inbound links”. You can set it to track links on one webpage, multiple web pages, or on a subdomain.