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With the increasing popularity of the Internet and the accessibility of multiple computers, more and more documents are now available in the form of PDF files. While this is great to prevent people from sharing or copying your documents, it also makes reading them slightly inconvenient. If you would prefer to have those documents in HTML format instead, you will need to convert PDF to HTML. This article covers exactly how you can do that. We all know that the internet is full of useful information, but what if you could only read it on your computer screen? It’s even worse when the document is in PDF format because that prevents anyone from copying or sharing it! If you want to be able to read these documents comfortably and conveniently, converting PDF to HTML is your best bet.

What is HTML?

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It is the standard language used to create web pages. HTML code is then converted into a readable format for the web browser so that you can view the content easily.

Why Convert PDF to HTML?

PDFs are designed to be read in the same format they are created. For example, if you create a document using Microsoft Word, the PDF will be formatted exactly the same. If you then print that document, you would get the same layout and font type as the original document. There are many advantages to converting PDF to HTML.

  • Easier to read - Due to the nature of the Internet, you can easily enlarge the font size of the text. This is not possible if you are reading a PDF.
  • Takes up less space - Since HTML documents are primarily made of text, the file size is significantly smaller compared to a PDF file.
  • Easy to share - You can easily share the URL to your converted document with anyone who you want to read it. This is much easier than sharing a PDF file.
  • Accessibility - HTML is the language used for creating websites. Therefore, your converted documents will be fully compatible with devices such as smartphones and tablets. This is not the case with PDF.

Convert PDF to HTML with Online Tools

If you are looking for a quick and easy solution, you can this online tool to convert your PDF to HTML. You can select the PDF file that you want to convert and the output format.


Converting a PDF file to HTML is easy and can be done using this online tool. This can be beneficial for several reasons, such as making the document easier to read and take up less space. You can also share the URL of the converted document to easily share it with others. With this information, you can easily convert PDF to HTML. Are you ready to convert your PDF files now?