Unit Converter


What Is Unit Converter?

Have you tried converting cm to inches, lbs to kg, kg to lbs, pounds to kg or inches to cm? Before digging into the description of the Unit Converter tool, we need to define what is the unit system or so-called system of measurement? It is system comprised of interrelated units of measurement. There are three commonly used unit systems, International System of Units, the Imperial System of Units, and the United States Customary Units.

  • IS of Units: The International System of Units is the newest form of the metric system.
  • Imperial System of Units: or so-called the British Imperial, is much like the IS of units.
  • United States Customary Units: Commonly used in the United States.

The English Units and United States Customary Units are all derived from the IS of Units.

Unit Conversions Available Here

Below you will find the available unit conversions on All Easy SEO. We will be using SI base unit to show on the conversion table of each unit.


When velocity is changed, it is called acceleration.

IS Base Unit: m/s2                            US Base Unit: ft/s2


To measure the size of any shape.

IS Base Unit: m²


The force that makes an object rotate.

IS Base Unit: kgm2s−2




Force / Length


This conversion is the most used along with mass. Convert between inches and other units, convert inches to centimeters for instance. Unit of length is the distance between two points.



The most commonly used unit to measure weight is international avoirdupois pound. One pound is equal to exactly 0.453592 Kg. Pounds and kilograms and widely used to measure the unit of mass of any object. The base unit of mass is Kg.

Mass Flow

Density and Mass Capacity


Pressure and Stress



Velocity and Speed


Volume and Capacity

Volume Flow