Unit Converter


What Is Unit Converter and how is it useful?

Have you tried converting cm to inches, lbs to kg, kg to lbs, pounds to kg or inches to cm? Before digging into the description of the Unit Converter tool, we need to define what is the unit system or so-called system of measurement? It is a system comprised of interrelated units of measurement. There are three commonly used unit systems, International System of Units, the Imperial System of Units, and the United States Customary Units.

  • IS of Units: The International System of Units is the newest form of the metric system.
  • Imperial System of Units: or so-called the British Imperial, is much like the IS of units.
  • United States Customary Units: Commonly used in the United States.

The English Units and United States Customary Units are all derived from the IS of Units.

Metric - US/Imperial Conversion Charts

Below you will find the available unit conversions calculator on All Easy SEO. We will be using SI base unit to show on the conversion table of each unit.

Acceleration Conversion Units

When velocity is changed, it is called acceleration. This tool will help you convert between different acceleration constants such as g-unit, meter/square second, etc.

Area Conversion Units

To measure the size of any shape. All are measured in square and can convert between different area units such as Square meter (m^2), Acre (acre), Are, Barn (barn), Hectare, Rood, Square centimeter and Square kilometer

Also Circular mil, Square foot (ft^2), Square inch (in^2), Square mile (mi^2) and Square yard (yd^2).

Torque Conversion Units

The force that makes an object rotate. Converting between Torque units is easy. This tool supports Newton-meter (N m), Dyne-centimeter(dy cm), Kgrf-meter (kgf m), lbf-inch (lbf in) and lbf-foot (lbf ft).

Electricity Conversion Units

Electrical & electronic units are included, but not limited to, voltage, power, resistance, capacitance, inductance, electric charge, electric field, magnetic flux, and frequency. Here is the list of units: Coulomb (Cb), Abcoulomb, Ampere hour (A hr), Faraday (F), Statcoulomb, Millifaraday (mF), Microfaraday (mu-F) and Picofaraday (pF).

Energy Conversion Units

Unit converters such as Joule (J), BTU (mean), BTU (thermochemical), Calorie (SI) (cal), Calorie (mean)(cal), Calorie (Thermo), Electron volt (eV), Erg (erg), Foot-pound force, Foot-poundal, Horsepower-hour and Kilocalorie (SI)(kcal)

Also Kilocalorie (mean)(kcal), Kilowatt-hour (kW hr), Ton of TNT, Volt-coulomb (V Cb), Watt-hour (W hr) and Watt-second (W sec).

The SI unit of energy is the same as the unit of work which is the joule (J).

Force Conversion Units

Convert between Newton (N), Dyne (dy), Kilogram force (kgf), Kilopond force (kpf), Kip (k), Ounce force (ozf), Pound force (lbf) and Poundal.

Force / Length Conversion Units

Available units to convert include newton/meter, pound-force/inch and pound-force/foot.

Length Conversion Units

One may ask how to convert inch to mm or convert centimeters to inches. This conversion is the most used along with mass. Convert between inches and other units, convert inches to centimeters for instance. The unit of length is the distance between two points.

Available conversion units include Meter (m), Angstrom (A'), Astronomical unit (AU), Caliber (cal), Centimeter (cm), Kilometer (km), Ell, Em, Fathom, Furlong, Fermi (fm), Foot (ft) and Inch (in)

Also League (int'l), League (UK), Light year (LY), Micrometer (mu-m), Mil, Millimeter (mm), Nanometer (nm), Mile (int'l nautical), Mile (UK nautical), Mile (US nautical), Mile (US statute), Parsec, Pica (printer), Picometer (pm), Point (pt), Rod and Yard (yd).

Light Conversion Units

Calculate the conversion unit for illuminance and luminance.

It includes Lumen/sq.meter (Lu/m^2), Lumen/sq.centimeter, Lumen/sq.foot, Foot-candle (ft-cdl), Foot-lambert, Candela/sq.meter, Candela/sq.centimeter, Lux (lux) and Phot.

Mass Conversion Units

Having difficulties converting oz to lbs (ounces to pounds), kg to pounds, or simply convert kg to lbs?

The unit of weight is the most commonly used unit to measure weight is the international avoirdupois pound. One pound is equal to exactly 0.453592 Kg. Pounds and kilograms and widely used to measure the unit of mass of any object. The base unit of mass is Kg and not avoirdupois ounce like some believe.

Kilogram (kgr), Gram (gr), Milligram (mgr), Microgram (mu-gr), Carat (metric)(ct), Hundredweight (long), Hundredweight (short), Pound mass (lbm), Pound mass (troy), Ounce mass (ozm), Ounce mass (troy), Slug, Ton (assay), Ton (long), Ton (short), Ton (metric) and Tonne.

Mass Flow Conversion Units

Convert between Kilogram/second (kgr/sec), Pound mass/sec (lbm/sec) and Pound mass/min (lbm/min).

Density and Mass Capacity Conversion Units

Unit converter for Kilogram/cub.meter, Grain/galon, Grams/cm^3 (gr/cc), Pound mass/cubic foot, Pound mass/cubic-inch, Ounces/gallon (UK,liq), Ounces/gallon (US,liq), Ounces (mass)/inch, Pound mass/gal (UK,liq), Pound mass/gal (US,liq), Slug/cubic foot, and Tons (long,mass)/cub.yard.

Power Conversion Units

Many conversions are available under this unit including Watt (W), Kilowatt (kW), Megawatt (MW), Milliwatt (mW), BTU (SI)/hour, BTU (thermo)/second, BTU (thermo)/minute, BTU (thermo)/hour, Calorie (thermo)/second, Calorie (thermo)/minute, Erg/second, Foot-pound force/hour and Foot-pound force/minute.

Also, Foot-pound force/second, Horsepower(550 ft lbf/s), Horsepower (electric), Horsepower (boiler), Horsepower (metric), Horsepower (UK), Kilocalorie (thermo)/min, and Kilocalorie (thermo)/sec.

Pressure and Stress Conversion Units

Convert between Newton/sq.meter, Atmosphere (normal), Atmosphere (techinical), Bar, Centimeter mercury(cmHg), Centimeter water (4'C), Decibar, Kgr force/sq.centimeter, Kgr force/sq.meter, Kip/square inch, Millibar, Millimeter mercury(mmHg) and Pascal (Pa).

Also these units are available: Kilopascal (kPa), Megapascal (Mpa), Poundal/sq.foot, Pound-force/sq.foot, Pound-force/sq.inch (psi), and Torr (mmHg,0'C).

Temperature Conversion Units

It can be tricky trying to convert Fahrenheit to cel. However, this tool can help you. Say you want to convert 100 celsius, which is the boiling point of water, to Fahrenheit.

Better yet, converting zero celsius, which is the freezing point, to Fahrenheit. This tool can help you convert Fahrenheit to Celsius and vise versa.

This conversion unit includes Degrees Celsius ('C), Degrees Fahrenheit ('F), Degrees Kelvin ('K), and Degrees Rankine ('R).

Time Conversion Units

Convert between different times including seconds to days, days to weeks, weeks to months and months to years.

Velocity and Speed Conversion Units

Unit converter for Meter/second (m/sec), Foot/minute (ft/min), Foot/second (ft/sec), Kilometer/hour (kph), Knot (int'l), Mile (US)/hour (mph), Mile (nautical)/hour, Mile (US)/minute, Mile (US)/second, Speed of light (c) and Mach (STP)(a).

Viscosity Conversion Units

Here are the viscosity units that are available to convert Newton-second/meter, Centipoise, Centistoke, Sq.foot/second, Poise, Poundal-second/sq.foot, Pound mass/foot-second, Pound force-second/sq.foot, Rhe, Slug/foot-second and Stoke.

Volume and Capacity Conversion Units

Listing them all together here:

Cubic Meter (m^3), Cubic centimeter, Cubic millimeter, Acre-foot, Barrel (oil), Board foot, Bushel (US), Cup, Fluid ounce (US), Cubic foot, Gallon (UK), Gallon (US,dry), Gallon (US,liq), Gill (UK), Gill (US), Cubic inch (in^3), Liter (new), Liter (old) and Ounce (UK,fluid).

Also Ounce (US,fluid), Peck (US), Pint (US,dry), Pint (US,liq), Quart (US,dry), Quart (US,liq), Stere, Tablespoon, Teaspoon, Ton (register) and Cubic yard

Volume Flow Conversion Units

Convert bewteen Cubic meter/second, Cubic foot/second, Cubic foot/minute, Cubic inches/minute and Gallons (US,liq)/minute).