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Popular ports to check:

  • 21 - FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
  • 22 - SSH (Secure Shell)
  • 23 - Telnet
  • 25 - SMTP (Mail)
  • 80 - HTTP (Web)
  • 110 - POP3 (Mail)
  • 143 - IMAP (Mail)
  • 443 - HTTPS (Secure Web)
  • 445 - SMB (Microsoft File Sharing)
  • 3389 - RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)

What is port scanning?

Port scanning is simply checking if a port is accessible from the internet or not for a certain IP. For example, if you want to check the port number 21 (for FTP) is opened or closed on  (which is Alexa's website).  After using the tool, we can identify the target port is CLOSED. This tool will help you find open ports on your server or computer to be able to close them to keep you safe.

What are network ports?

Network ports are 15-bits numbers that are the endpoint communication at the software level in an operating system that determines to which application or process the message should be delivered to.  In other words, the network port is the number that identifies on side of a connection between two computers.

Is port scanning legal?

There is no US federal law that prohibits the use of port scanning. However, according to the civil laws of the US, scanning a port on a server that is not owned by you can get you in serious trouble. The owner of the server or computer can sue you for scanning ports on their systems without permission.

How does port scanner work?

You will need to use the domain into IP first to identify the IP address for the target host in question or you can use the What is my IP tool to check your IP address if you want to scan your own computer. Second, choose the target port you want to scan then hit the Submit button. Our application will then check if the port is open or closed and show you the result.

What are open ports in a vulnerability scanning system?

Usually, TCP ports and UDP ports are open for network services to operate like emails, HTTP, FTP, etc. However, in some cases, especially when your website is under attack, you may need to close some ports. Ports listed above right below the fields are ports that supposed to be open for the services running on the operating system to operate and function properly. If ports other than the listed above are open on your server or computer, you probably need to close them using a firewall.

Port Scanner

Who should use Port Scanning Tools?

One use is for ethical hacking or so-called, pentest or penetration test. Pentest is an authorized cyberattack simulation on a computer or server to evaluate the security of the network. Webmasters and server administrators can also use this tool to identify ports that are open or closed.