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The Importance of a Grammar Check in SEO Texts

AllEasySEO offers a new service for SEO writers, simply called Grammar Check (alternatively “grammar checker”). Most SEO content creators know how important it is to have good grammar in their texts. However, new writers tend to ask “why even go through the document and check every single grammar point?” Keep reading, and you’ll see why checking your grammar makes your SEO content shine.

The Arguments Against Doing a Grammar Check

It Takes Up Time!

This might sound like a good argument for time consumption. After all, your texts can pile up severely, and checking every single one will surely take hours. Of course, there are ways to make this easier, and we will address them a little later.

Not Doing a Grammar Check Makes My Text Look More Natural

Again, this is an argument that can work in favor of the SEO text. More natural content with vernacular phrasing will attract a good number of new readers. This is because they can identify with the text on a more basic, everyday level. However, even this ought to be done in moderation. An overly vernacular text will put the reader off, even if it sounds natural and more relatable.

Grammar Is Already Fluid! New Rules Pop up Every Day!

This is also true, but not particularly relevant. After all, each piece of software gets updated with these rules. Just look at Microsoft Word — every time you see that squiggly line, be it green, red or blue, you know that you need to work on something. Usually, it’s spelling, but very frequently, it’s the grammar. 

OK, I Will Use Grammar Check, but What Are the Pros of Doing So?

A very good question. Before we move onto the list of pros regarding doing a grammar check, we ought to address something. What we’re about to list isn’t just related to AllEasySEO’s Grammar Check. It relates just as much to other online grammar checkers, both older and contemporary.

This Tool Makes Your Text More Credible

That’s right — a properly written text is one with authority. For example, scientists and researchers meticulously edit their work to the point where it looks a bit dry. However, the wording is extremely precise, and therefore, the papers they write command authority.

Naturally, an SEO text doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t) be that dry. But that little bit of grammar will give it the edge it needs. People will take you seriously and be convinced that you know what you’re talking about.  

You Learn with It

It’s a sad fact, but most people today, even highly literate folks, make frequent grammar and spelling errors. By using grammar checker software, you acquire better grammar along the way. And the best part? You’re doing so subconsciously, almost “by accident.”

It Saves Time

Yes, gone are the days of in-depth reading of a document. After all, software like AllEasySEO’s grammar checker marks up every potential error for you. All you need to do is adjust and correct where necessary.

Attention Grabbing

Poor grammar can do far more than make you look silly or illiterate. In fact, too much poor grammar distracts the reader. After all, nobody will have any interest in the service you’re describing if they keep seeing that you’ve mucked up a tense or an adverb.

Proper grammar makes the text flow, and as such, it makes it easier to read. Readers spend less time trying to understand the text and more time thinking about the topic it is presenting. Naturally, the same goes for spelling and word choice, but grammar is not far behind.

How Do Grammar Checkers Work?

Usually, the process is very simple. First, you copy the text you’ve written in the text box. Next, this tool scans it and provides suggestions on what to change. Finally, you have the option of changing up anything it suggests, or even leave the text as it is. Always make sure to set the checker’s language option to “English” if the original text is in the same language.

Summing Up the Grammar Check 

Every SEO writer ought to do a thorough grammar checker of their text. Find grammar errors in English, German, French, etc, detection of the wrong gender in salutation in German, run-on sentences, and many more features.