Crop Image Online


How to Crop Image Online for Free

With all of the photo editing and photoshop capability that we have these days, it’s easy to get carried away with cropping images until they look perfect. However, there are some times when you might need to crop an image online for free. For example, if you want to use a cropped version of someone else’s photo in your work, such as for a blog post or presentation, but don’t have access to the original file. Here are some easy steps on how to crop an image online for free.

What is cropping?

Cropping is the process of removing any unwanted parts of a photo. When you crop, you are just making a more precise selection of the area that you want to show.

Easy Steps on How to Crop Image Online for Free

1. Go to Crop Image Online.

2. Click upload and choose the image you want to crop.

3. Drag the lines where you want to crop on the image.

4. Use the tools underneath the image to perfect your cropping.

5. Click download when you are ready!

This cropping tool is easy to use and free!


Crop an image online for free by following these easy steps:

-Upload a photo to the site of your choice

-Drag the corners of the cropping tool to adjust the rectangle to the desired size

-Click ‘Download’

In conclusion, it’s important to know when you need to crop an image. Knowing how to do this doesn’t take a lot of time or skill. All you need is a website that offers cropping services and some patience.